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Japan Airport Guide

The Japanese archipelago stretches over 3000km (1900 miles) from the temperate, northernmost island of Hokkaido to the subtropical islands of Okinawa in the south. Both Tokyo and Kyoto are located on Honshu, the largest and economically and culturally most important of the four major islands. Shikoku and Kyushu lie to the southwest. Much of the archipelago is mountainous and only a small percentage of land is available for agriculture and development. Thus large areas remain forested while towns and cities tend to be densely populated. The coastline is indented with numerous bays, inlets and small islands.

Note: The Japanese government provides a nationwide telephone service called Japan Travel Phone which offers visitors from abroad extensive tourist information and general assistance in English (tel: (0088) 224 800 (toll-free except Tokyo and Kyoto; (3) 3201 3331 (Tokyo); (75) 371 5649 (Kyoto). It can only be dialled from inside Japan (Mon-Fri 0900-1700).
A volunteer 'Goodwill Guide' service is available in Kyoto, Nara and other popular destinations such as Himeji and Hiroshima. Call Japan Travel-Phone for more details.

Kansai International Airport (KIX) Japan

To and from airport

To arrive at Narita Airport by train, use the JR or Keisei line.
At Narita Airport, each passenger terminal has its own railway station ?Airport Terminal 2 Station ?Narita Airport Station?
Before arriving at the airport, please check which terminal your airline uses.

Bus and Taxi
Buses & Taxis to Narita Airport set down in front of the departure lobbies of both passenger terminals.

Buses and taxis from the airport to various destinations leave from the arrival level on the first floor.

Passengers planning to take the bus should obtain their tickets at the ticket counters before proceeding to the bus stops.

To and from Haneda airport

Rail and Limousine bus provide convenient connections to and from Haneda Airport.

Airport services & facilities

Baggage Delivery
Passengers can have their baggage collected from their lodging in Japan in advance and delivered at the airport.

Please telephone one of the numbers below to make arrangements for a pick up. Passengers who prefer to deliver their baggage directly to a depot or convenience store should contact the relevant delivery company on which Locations accept baggage for delivery to the airport.
In addition, baggage can also be delivered from the airport to the passenger's lodging on arrival.

Money Services
Currency Exchange
ATM (Automatic Teller Machines)
Cash Dispensers
European VAT Refund Service
Credit Card Service Counters
Investment trust information service

Cellular Phone Rental
Portable DVD Player Rental
Video Camera Rental
Wheelchair & Baby Carriage Rental (Information Counter)

Personal Services
Post Office
Postcard Mailing Service
Barber Shops, Beauty Salons
Dry Cleaning
Changing Rooms
Repair Service
(duplicate key, unlock suitcase)
Meeting Points
Pet Hotel
Lottery Ticket Counters

Relax While Waiting
Dayrooms & Showers
Reflexology & Body Care
Massage Chair
Nail Art
Rental Lounges
Waiting Lounge
Credit Card Company Lounges

Internet Facilities
Internet Access (Internet Terminals)
Wireless and Cable LAN (Own Laptop)

For Children
Children's Playroom
Kids Room
Kids Park
Baby Carriage Rental (Information Counter)

Osaka Kansai International Airport (KIX) Japan

To and from airport

Kansai International Airport is situated 50 km from the center of Osaka city. It is easily accessible by road, railway and high-speed ferry.

To KIX Take a bus bound for Kansai International Airport (KIX) from your point of origin.
Buses arrive outside the International Departures floor of the Passenger Terminal Building (4th floor).

From KIX Bus stops are located outside the International Arrivals floor of the Passenger Terminal Building (1st floor center).
Tickets can be purchased from the ticket vending machines located outside the Passenger Terminal Building on the 1st floor.

Road Map and Access Bridge Tolls
Road access: 15 min via Airport Access Bridge (toll required) from Rinku Junction on Hanshin Expressway

High-Speed Ferry Routes

To KIX Take the shuttle bus after arriving at the Ferry Terminal.

Shuttle buses are timed to match all ferry services.
The shuttle ride to the Passenger Terminal Building takes 6-8 min and delivers you to the 4th floor (International Departures).

[ Times ]
Kobe Route [ Kobe Airport - KIX ] 30 min
*After arriving at the Ferry Terminal you must take a shuttle bus to get to the Passenger Terminal Building.

From KIX Take the bus from Bus Stop No. 12 outside the Passenger Terminal Building on the 1st floor.
Purchase a ticket from the High-Speed Ferry Ticket Counter at the northern end of the Passenger Terminal Building on the 1st floor.
The shuttle ride will take 6-8 min.

Airport Shuttles (Shared Ride)
Kansai International Airport offers a shared ride shuttle service to and from the airport. Shuttle buses can take up to nine passengers and can pick you up and drop you off at your accommodation in time with your flight.

Taking a shuttle bus means that you can relax before or after your flight; there's no need to subject yourself to the stress of driving in heavy traffic, and because the driver will look after your baggage, no need to lug heavy suitcases around either. Reservations are accepted from just one passenger. Credit cards and taxi cards are accepted.

Airport services & facilities

Baggage Storage - 1st floor/2nd floor/4th floor
There are temporary storage facilities for carry-on baggage at the northern and southern ends of the 1st and 4th floors, and at the south counter of the 2nd floor. The northern counters are operated by IAS (International Airport Service), and the southern counters are operated by Nishinihon PASCO. It is 600 yen to leave a suitcase for one day, 350 yen for a Boston bag, 1,200 yen to leave a coat for 5 days, and large items such as surfboards may be left for 1,000 yen a day.

Porter Service - 4th floor/2nd floor/1st floor
Porter service is offered from the airport station, carparks, hotel, and port terminal to the airline counters. Porters will meet you at the arrival gate and carry your baggage for you. Prices start at 400 yen per suitcase within the Passenger Terminal Building. Please ask for prices to the station, carparks and other destinations. Booking in advance will ensure that we can offer you the service you require. For on the day bookings, please inquire at the Nishinihon PASCO counters at the southern end of each floor.

Coin Lockers
- Passenger Terminal Building - 2nd floor / 3rd floor
Lockers can be found on the 2nd floor of the Passenger Terminal Building at the Northern and Southern Domestic Departure Gates (2 locations, 104 lockers), and the Northern and Southern ends of the 3rd floor (2 locations, 19 lockers). Costs per day are 300 yen for a small, 400 yen for a medium, and 600 yen for a large-sized locker. Lockers may be used for a maximum of four days at a time.

Bank - Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ - 2nd floor North
This is the only bank in the airport that conducts normal business operations. A Currency Exchange Bureau operated by the same group is located nearby.
ATMs 1st/2nd/4th floors

ATM locations and operational hours are as below:

  • It is possible to use credit cards from companies than those which operate these ATMs.
  • The Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Law does not permit ATMs to be installed within the International Departure Gates area. If you need to use an ATM please remember to do so before going through the International Departure Gates.

Credit Card Service Counters 4th floor back
Service Counters for JCB, NICOS, DC/UC/UFJ and VISA can be found in four locations at the back of the 4th floor. The Service Counters provide information regarding airport facilities and preferential overseas services. They also handle lost or stolen card inquiries.

Currency Exchange Bureaus 1st/3rd/4th floors
There are four Currency Exchange Bureaus on the 4th floor (mainly dealing with yen to foreign currency transactions), four also on the 1st floor (mainly dealing with foreign currency to yen transactions), and one after passing through departure inspection. All bureaus can also issue travelers checks. Aside from these Exchange Bureaus, it is also possible to exchange foreign currency and purchase travelers checks from the Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ and the Post Office located on the 2nd floor.

Kids Room - Transit Lounge 3rd floor
The Kids Room offers convenient services for all travelers with kids. The Kids Room is located in the transit lounge after the international departures inspection area. It has a playroom and a nursery, and is free of charge. The Kids Room provides one set of baby food, powdered milk, and disposable nappies free of charge. The Kids Room is available for children six years and under. All children must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. A visit to the Kids Room can change boring waiting time into fun time for your kids.

Nursery - 2nd/3rd & 4th floors
There are ten nurseries in total. They are located at the Northern and Southern ends of the 4th floor (two locations), the 3rd floor shopping and restaurant area (two locations), the 2nd floor (two locations), the Domestic Departure Gate Lounge (two locations), and the Northern and Southern wings (two locations). All nurseries include ladies toilets. There are three separate nurseries in the Northern and Southern wings. Each nursery contains an baby bed, a chair, a washbasin. The Nurseries are convenient for those traveling with children.

Showers - 2nd floor North (Next to the Information Center)
KIX has coin-operated showers that you are welcome to use on arrival or while in transit at the airport. Use them to freshen up after a long journey.
*Shampoo, conditioner and body soap are provided.

Refresh Room - Transit Lounge 3rd floor
The Refresh Room is a facility to help you relax before your flight.

Quick Massage - Relaxation Studio "Forest" - 3rd floor
Have a few spare moments or a long wait between connecting flights? Refresh both body and soul with a quick massage. A variety of options are available, from a quick 10 minute course, to foot, facial and full-body massages

VIP Rooms / Conference Room / Service Counters

Kansai International Airport Co Ltd operates a VIP room, which can be used as a meeting place for group tours and briefings, or as a conference room at the airport, and a service counter which can be used for meeting and greeting arriving passengers. Both services are fee-based and require reservations


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