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Mexico, rich in reminders of ancient civilisations, is also a modern developing nation. Temples and cathedrals contrast with futuristic buildings and fully-equipped beach resorts. Elsewhere, elements of the ancient and colonial cultures persist in aspects of rural life. F?tes and festivals are celebrated with enthusiasm, and the markets in towns and villages are lively and colourful.

Mexico International Airport (MEX) Mexico

Contact information

Airport Info: 52-(55)-2482-2424 , 52-(55)-2482-2400

Tourist Info:
Int. Area: 52-(55)-5762-9309
Nat. Area: 52-(55)-2599-0330

Tourist Police: 52-(55)-5250-5100
Medical Services: 52-(55)-5571-3084 ask for extention 2243

Security: 52-(55)-5571-0497

To and from airport

As is usual at large international airports there are several forms of transport communicating the airport with the city and surrounding localities.

Airport services & facilities

Facilities for the Disabled in Mexico City International Airport
Elevators for the disabled are placed throughout the national area of the ground floor in SALAS 'A,' 'B,' 'C' and 'D,' along the exterior wall of the instalations.

On the first-floor these elevators are found in the fast-food area opposite Gate 10, Gates 12 and 13, and by and the VIP lounge at Gate 17; for those planning to visit this lounge the best ground-floor option is by Gate 6.

In general, if visiting the first floor, I'd say the best option for special-abiltiy visitors is to take the elevator option closest to your first-floor destination as transit is usually easier on the ground floor.

That said, the upper floor is also well organised but tends to get a little more crowded than the ground floor, packs of hungry transients fill the passages on their way to relish their final pre-flight opportunity for fast-food alternatives, or, of course those just killing time whilst awaiting visitors.
A further VIP lounge is by Gate 21, again there is an elevator close at hand. Located by the waiting-rooms area for Gates 25, 26, 27 is another option and, last but not least, the exterior wall opposite Gate 23 is home to another of these elevators for the installations' special-ability visitors.
Regarding the 'Terminal Terrestre,' the elevator at the entrance/exit passage communicating the fast-food area with the ticket counters for the direct-service coach options is the best-placed option for visitors to this area of the terminal.

Information booths in Mexico City International Airport
There are information booths throughout the airport; in the ground floor national area - Sala 'A' - between entrance gates 2 and 3 - and in the ground floor international area - Sala 'E1,' between gates 7 and 8.

On the first floor there are booths by the last-minute waiting rooms 19, 25 and 36.
During heavy passenger-traffic periods there is also a team of transient staff who usually identify the lost souls among the crowds and lend a helping hand. Watch out for the orange uniforms if you feel the need for HELP!

Left luggage
There are two left luggage offices in the airport; in SALA A in the national area (Tel.: 5786-9048) and in SALA E3 in the international area (Tel.: 5726-0467), both are on the ground floor and offer 24-hour service.

Lost luggage
The lost luggage department is on the first floor. From the ground floor, take the elevators to the first floor and turn right, continue along through the fast food area and the office is facing you just by the turning for the 'Terminal Terrestre,' the doors are glass with engraving.
To make a claim for lost luggage, you'll need the following documents, an official ID with photo and a copy of your boarding pass. You'll also have to tell them where you beleive your luggage was lost and give them a description of the contents of the said luggage.
The lost luggage office number is 102 and the telephone number is 5571-3600 ext. 2289. The office is open between 9 a.m. and 9 p.m.

Medical Services
The airport offers emergency medical services to the general public in the national area in SALA B, between Entrance Gates 3 and 4, and in the international area on the first floor by waiting room 28.

The telephone for these services is 5571-3084 and ask for extention 2243.

Parking facilities at Mexico City International Airport
There are 2 parking facilities at the airport, the national area is on the left just after you turn into the airport access road, Boulevard Puerto ?ereo, with spaces for almost 2,000 cars.
Communication between the national car park and the airport is via a pedestrian bridge from inside the airport, between entrance gates 1 and 2.

The international parking facility is attatched to the northern end of the 'Terminal Terrestre,' along the airport access road, Boulevard Puerto ?ereo, after passing entrance gate 10.

Basically, you have to do a 'U-turn' to your left to access the car park; if you see the gas station you've gone too far, do the 'U-turn' before you reach it and try again.

Communication between the international parking lot and the airport is via the 'Terminal terrestre.'
If you'd prefer to pay the cost of your stay in the parking lot prior to leaving, an Automatic Parking Cashier (machine) is by Gate 9 on your way to the national parking facility; in the case of the international facilities, machines are placed by the pedestrian bridge entrance into the facility itself, these bridges are between Gates 1 and 3.


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