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Istanbul (Discount Istanbul Airfare)

Spanning the continents of Europe and Asia, Istanbul is a bustling, cosmopolitan city, and its history as the former capital of the Byzantine and Ottoman empires has left a rich legacy of mosques, churches, museums and magnificent palaces, coupled with bustling bazaars and a vibrant street life.

Istanbul is made up of three distinct cities. The old city of Istanbul is decorated with parks and gardens. The main attractions include Topkapi, the residential palace of the Ottoman sultans overlooking the Sea of Marmara and the Bosphorus; the Blue Mosque, the only mosque in the world with six minarets; St Sophia, once a Byzantine cathedral, later a mosque and now a museum; and, underground, the Byzantine cistern supported by 336 Corinthian columns.
Across the Golden Horn, in stark contrast, is modern Istanbul, Pera, where the larger hotels are situated.

On the third shore lies Uskudar (Scutari), the Asian part of Istanbul, where Florence Nightingale nursed the sick during the Crimean War. Two massive suspension bridges now span the Bosphorus and afford a panoramic view of Istanbul.

Istanbul is convenient in that many seaside resorts on the Bosphorus are only a short drive away. Other attractions are the ancient fortifications at Rumeli Hisar, the National Park of Mount Uludag, the ruins of Troy and the boat trips on the Bosphorus or to the Princes Islands.

Ataturk International Airport (IST) Turkey

Contact information

?stanbul Atat?rk Airport International Terminal
34149 Ye?ilk?y / ?stanbul / Turkey
Telephone +90 212 465 5555
Fax +90 212 465 5050
Web http://www.tav.aero

Airport services & facilities

Ataturk Airport International Terminal Lost and Found Office aims at enabling the owners of items lost in the terminal and the car park to recover their possessions.

There are 5 CIP lounges in Ataturk Airport International Terminal. Turkish Airlines and British Airways lounges serve their own passengers while the Millenium Lounge serves the First Class and Business Class passengers of other airlines that run scheduled flights. Holders of Is Bank credit cards can use the Millenium Lounge free of charge. There also exists a special lounge, which offers services to Advantage Card holders. This credit card is valid in Turkey only. 'primeclass' lounge is a part of the services served by 'primeclass' CIP Service, provided by TAV. As a complete services package, 'primeclass' is designed to meet the most demanding expectations of their guests.

The luggage storage unit is located on the arrival floor of the terminal and is open round-the-clock. Passengers are charged a daily fee which is calculated after the collection of the luggage.


There are 46 public telephones in the boarding gate area. There are another 8 in the Food Court.

There are 8 public telephones on the curb side of the departure floor. 4 of these phones are at exit gates.

There are 2 phones here. 1 is on the side of the Information Desk while the other is behind the Florist.

ARRIVAL FLOOR ( Carousel Area )
There are 8 phones in this area. 4 of them are opposite carousel No. 7 and the other 4 are opposite carousel No. 4.

When passengers have more baggage than the amount they can carry on a trolley, they can ask for the help of a porter in the area of entrance gates on the Departure floor and in the area of baggage carousels on the Arrival floor.

Garanti Bank and Advantage Card-holders can take advantage of the 24 hour valet service by handing their vehicles over to the personel in front of the terminal building. Passangers can also pick their vechicles up at the same location on their return at an adventageous rate.

The bridge taxi available after passport control on the departure floor is at the service of the elderly and disabled passengers who need to go to distant bridges.

The playroom in the duty-free area on the departure floor has been designed so that the children of shopping parents can enjoy their time.

The hairdresser on Departure Mezzanine Floor at Atat?rk Airport International Terminal works 24 hours/ 7. This hairdresser provides all kinds of personal care services to men and women alike.

The photography shop on the departure floor of the terminal is available passengers' use. Passengers can buy photographic supplies, have their photo taken or print photography at this photograph shop.Open 24 hours.

Passengers can have their shoes repaired and shined at the shoe shiners on the departure floor.

Passengers can buy souvenirs of Turkey in the souvenir shops on the departure floor of the terminal.

All Turkish and foreign publications are on sale at the bookshop on the departure floor.

Packaged food and beverages, as well as gifts such as Turkish delights, are on sale in the market on the Departure Floor. Open: 24 hours.

"Florist Airport" is located in the Arrival Hall in the Ataturk Airport International Terminal for the convenience of passengers and visitors. The shop sells fresh flowers as well as dried ones, souvenirs and accessories.


Medical services are provided in 2 departments at Ataturk Airport International Terminal.
Emergency Medical Care
State Airports Management (DHMI) Health Unit
Work Area: Domestic Terminal, apron, aircraft not parked at piers
Work Place: Domestic Terminal Block B

Airport Health Monitoring Center
This center provides quarantine and environmental health services.

The pharmacy in the Ataturk Airport International Terminal is Turkey's first and only airport pharmacy. It is located on the arrival floor and is open round-the-clock.


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